Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turner + Rash

First comes the engagement pictures...
Spring makes photography so easy.

...then the rehearsal dinner at the lodge...
This poor child came all the way from NYC. You must understand the look on his face.

 ...and the lovely vows.

I have never seen a more beautiful backyard wedding. The ceremony was brief but the party went well into the evening. The gazebo was adorned with the most amazing display of roses and orchids, finished with a chandelier!

As with any wedding there are hicups...with this one, the brides shoe broke! Thankfully it was pre-ceremony and there was a backup pair of shoes. However, this groom was going to make sure his bride's day was perfect, even if it meant sewing her shoe back together with the needle and thread he normally uses for his fly fishing lures. Cammi looked stunning in her Priscilla of Boston gown and her perfectly-fitting, nude slingbacks. 

I am so glad my once neighbor, Cammi, allowed me to be a part of their nuptials.